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Last Year's Event

2015 Blue Jean Ball

Over $145,000 Raised and a Sold Out Crowd






Cheers! to a Great Evening 

2015 Blue Jean Ball



2015 Blue Jean Ball



2015 Blue Jean Ball




2015 Blue Jean Ball


The 2015 Blue Jean Ball, presented by KPMG and benefiting the Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta Reward Fund, raised over $145,000 - a 44% increase from 2014. Denim-clad guests danced to live music by country music star Canaan Smith, enjoyed Sweet Auburn Barbecue and mingled with friends and neighbors all while helping make greater Atlanta a safer place.

Attendees included Atlanta Police Chief George Turner, various city council members, and members of Atlanta's business and community leadership.  Honorary chairs included Carol Tome', Chief Financial Officer of The Home Depot and her husband Ramon. Cathy and Bob Peterson, Chairman and CEO of Carter USA served as our event chairs.

Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta has helped close more than 1200 major cases and capture more than 1000 dangerous criminals.  This year's ball was a huge success, thanks in the largest part to our donors and sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible. We appreciate everyone who participated and look forward to seeing you again in October!   

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Presented by:

Blue Jean Ball 

Past Honorary Chairs


Clark & Kristin Dean, 2014


Keven & Eridan Lake, 2014


Ellen & Jeff Lemming 2013


Hala & Steve Moddelmog, 2012


Thad Ellis & Tom Ratchford, 2012


Ansley & Charlie Crawford, 2011



*Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta is a program of the Atlanta Police Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


*In exchange for your contribution, you will receive goods and services estimated by the Atlanta Police Foundation at the fair market value of $40 per ticket. The remainder of your contribution is tax-deductible. You will receive this information in writing from APF via mail after your gift is processed.




About the Cook Estate


Blue Jean Ball


One of the most intriguing and exclusive venues in Atlanta, the Rodney Cook Estate is on Randall Mill Road in Buckhead. The property includes stunning, historic buildings with ties to some of Atlanta's oldest families and most prominent citizens. The estate possesses historic monuments dedicated to the Prince of Wales and Carolyn and John Kennedy, among others, nestled within its lush gardens.






Thank You to Our 2015 Blue Jean Ball Sponsors:




Presenting Sponsor:


Blue Jean Ball




U.S Marshall Sponsor:






Carol & Ramon Tomé






Texas Ranger Sponsors:




Blue Jean Ball                    PAM ROLLINS        Blue Jean Ball                 Blue Jean Ball


Blue Jean Ball


                              Blue Jean Ball              2015 Blue Jean Ball                                 Image





Sherriff's Deputy Sponsors:



Blue Jean Ball                                                                                 Blue Jean Ball                    
Blue Jean Ball

 Blue Jean Ball


Blue Jean Ball
Blue Jean Ball    ImageBlue Jean Ball

Blue Jean Ball 

2015 Blue Jean Ball



2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball

 2015 Blue Jean Ball


2015 Blue Jean Ball


 2015 Blue Jean Ball


2015 Blue Jean Ball


2015 Blue Jean Ball


 2015 Blue Jean Ball

 2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball


2015 Blue Jean Ball

2015 Blue Jean Ball

Buckin' Broncos

Akins Ford & DodgeBecky and Jim Blalock

Sarah and Jim Borders | Novare Group


Jennifer Cowart

Kristen and Clark Dean

DeNyse Companies

Empire Distributors

First Fidelity

Kristin and Duncan Gibbs

Hennessey Automotive Companies

Holder Construction

The Home Depot

Susan and Jim Hannan

Dede and Jackson Houk | Three Atlanta

Debbie and Paul Hudson

King & Spalding LLP

Terrie Jones and Greg Casagrande | AGSI, Inc.

Shannon and Brad Kinzey

Susan and Kenneth Kraft

Marilyn and Howard Krone

Landon and Stephen Lanier

Ellen and Jeff Lemming

Lexis Nexis

Cindy and John Kell Martin

Carter and W. Hampton Morris

Sue and Douglas Murphy

Sarah and Sean O'Brien

Emily and Eric M. Olsen

Opal Ross Evans

Carrie and Chad Parker

Chilton and Mark C. Pope

Panton Equity Partners

Private Bank of Buckhead

Cammie and John Rice

Chris and Mark St.Clare

Patty and Bill Turpin

Valerie and Tom Usilton

Terri and Ken Welch

Eleanor & Tom Ratchford

Robin & Frank Dracos

The Turner Foundation


Gunslinger Sponsor:

Jean Astrop

Georgia Power

Jo Ann and Mark Herold

Trey Edwards | PSG Construction

Josh Rowan | MBP

Andrea Young and Jerry Thomas

Jimmy Johnson | RR Donnelley